My First 24 Hours as a Scrum Master

My tech friend said to me, “You’ve become quite the Scrum advocate.” 

My housemate rolled his eyes and said “Yes, you already told me about Scrum.” 

My roommate’s voice came out of the dark and said “Can’t fall asleep? What’s on 

your mind?”


My First 24 Hours as a Scrum Master

My First 24 Hours as a Scrum MasterMy mind was consumed by Scrum. As an Agile framework, Scrum claims that it can decrease time spent while increasing production in an organization. As a certified Scrum Master, I can now encourage this outcome. In truth, it’s hard to believe, but the case studies show again and again the benefit of a small, flexible, and introspective team. 

The class lasted from 7 – 3 (with breaks, don’t worry) on both Monday and Tuesday and I opened my mouth as wide as it could go as Scrum Inc. blasted me with a firehose of information. I dreamt of Scrum both while I slept and when I was awake. I asked questions like “What if the government operated using Scrum?” and “what if all nonprofits utilized Scrum?” and lastly


“what if I lived a Scrum life?” 


Since these questions raced through my head, I have planned daily sprints in which I strive for the day I want for myself: where rest and work are equally revered, and I have time for both. Scrum is not just a list of events or artifacts, but a mindset for growth. Scrum Masters facilitate that growth. I can’t think of a better way to live.


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