Agile Coaching

At Agile in Nonprofits, we want to help nonprofits become more Agile by providing affordable coaching packages that increase the efficiency of the organization and help create a maximum impact on your community. To achieve this, we offer in-person and virtual coaching sessions to nonprofit organizations.

Agile Coach in Your Pocket

Agile Coach in Your Pocket is a convenient one time call with a member of our team to help your nonprofit with your Agile and/or Scrum Framework needs. 

The goal of Agile in Nonprofits is to help nonprofits create greater impacts, faster, so we want to help you. Schedule your call with our team; ask questions, get opinions, or we can walk you through one of the 5 events of the Scrum framework.  

No contracts needed. 

Choose between 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Whatever is needed for your organization to help its Agile journey. 

  • 30 minutes – $125.00
  • 45 minutes – $150.00
  • 60 minutes – $175.00

Team Launch Coaching

Our Agile Coaches can help your nonprofit create stable and high performing Scrum teams that embody the Scrum values. The team launch coaching package is everything you need to launch new teams at your nonprofit.

Here are some of the activities included in this package:

  • Product/Service vision creation, initial backlog development, and work decomposition
  • Teams identified and formed, team visions created, working agreements and team norms established, user stories created, skill gaps identified
  • Scrum Event cadence initiated, estimation techniques put into practice, impediment resolution practices and patterns that result in high performing teams adopted

Side-by-Side Coaching

Our Agile Coaches work alongside the team to promote a culture of learning that enables your nonprofit to adopt agile practices and principles.

Here are some of the activities included in this package:

  • One-on-one pairing with Product Owner to teach advanced prioritization techniques, product/service architecture and decomposition tactics, business value and reporting methods that aid in identifying the duration and cost of team efforts.
  • One-on-one pairing with Scrum Masters to teach team coaching techniques, retrospective ideas, process improvement approaches, and impediment removal tactics that help them spread good Scrum across the nonprofit.
  • One-on-one pairing with Scrum Team Members to facilitate best practices that will improve the way they work together, creativity and innovation in how they approach problems, shift traditional mindsets and unlock the teams ability to work together in high performing states.
  • Leadership coaching to help the nonprofit form a transformation backlog and roadmap for Agile progress, measure Agile maturity and assess what techniques are effective, select and setup Agile tools that support the Agile transformation and identify skill gaps, training and process improvement areas.

On Demand Coaching

Do you have your first Scrum Event or a significant release coming up? Our Agile Coaches can provide virtual support for specific events as needed. we have years of experience in Agile transformations and have answers to many of the Agile pitfalls that nonprofits may encounter. Our Agile Coaches have a wealth of resources they can provide to help your nonprofit today.

Scrum Board Creation & Support

Whether you are in an office or a virtual team; our team will help you create an ideal Scrum Board for your team setting in a tool that you choose that you feel will work best for your team. We will also support you in the following weeks after launch to make sure you are successful. Our team is versed in tools such as Miro, Mural, Trello, Jira, and more.