Registered Scrum Course FAQ

A: We also welcome organizations and individuals that support nonprofits in their work such as nonprofit consultants. We ask that you select the pricing tier that matches your business operating budget.

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While our course uses nonprofit case studies and examples to help nonprofit professionals like myself and my team feel comfortable in seeing the applicability of the material in nonprofits, the credential certificate looks exactly the same from Scrum Inc and is respected the same in all workplace settings. 

A: In order to qualify to take the Scrum Inc. Scrum Master exam or Scrum Inc. Product Owner exam, you must be present for a minimum of 12 hours of the total 14 hours of instruction.

A: Once you have completed the full 14-hour course you will receive an email with an exam link in Scrum Lab through Scrum, Inc. You will have up to 60 days to complete this exam.

A: You have two attempts included as part of your course registration, after the second fail there is a $25 exam fee to take it for the third time. You must score 75% or higher to pass.

A: Yes! We can customize the delivery of an RSM or RPO course to fit your organization’s needs. We encourage you to schedule a call with our team today to learn more and get your training scheduled.

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A: Yes! We offer a Scrum Basics for Nonprofits webinar, a 2-hour webinar that teaches you the basics of the Scrum framework in 2 hours from the comfort of your own office/desk. You can see the upcoming dates here. We also offer individual and group training and coaching sessions to help you learn the skills to become a Scrum Master or Product Owner. You can sign up via our Trainings page or reach out to our team to learn about customized options for you or your team.

A: Absolutely! Scrum for one is a great framework and a way to improve your own work. We have worked with many professionals that are a team of one. 

A: One of the biggest differences is that we utilize as many nonprofit case studies as possible throughout the class so that you are seeing examples of the Scrum framework in use in a variety of nonprofit settings.

It is a one year credential that requires a $25 fee and 30 question multiple choice online exam each year. 

Registration typically closes 24 hours before the first day starts.

The Registered class and Certified class are different in many ways. The Registered course has been created to be nonprofit specific and is one of a kind. This course is also powered by Scrum Inc. The certified course is IT based and is offered through Scrum Org. However, they both teach the same fundamentals of Scrum.

If you are an individual looking to become credentialed we welcome you to use the low side of the sliding scale and take advantage of the $495 price point.

While we do not endorse any one specific tool, we do cover a few tools that our team has used and are comfortable with. 

We offer a recorded Credential Informational Session that you can download for free. In this FREE session our Scrum Trainer Diane H Leonard, GPC, RST will walk you through why to pursue your Scrum Credential, the learning objectives of Scrum Master and Product Owner, and nonprofit case studies to help you understand how it can work in your nonprofit.

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