Scrum Basics for Nonprofits

Let us introduce you to a framework to help you achieve twice the impact in half the time!

Nonprofits are constantly trying to adapt to change, find new ways to open up communication, be happier about how we work together as a team, and reach their goal as quickly as they can all while wearing what seems like “all the hats.”

Agile in Nonprofits created Scrum Basics for nonprofits with YOU, a hard-working, focused, and mission driven nonprofit professional in mind.

We created an affordable quick and easy way for you to learn a framework that can help you create twice the impact in half the time, break down silos, and open up teamwork and communication.

Let us show you how!

The Scrum Basics for Nonprofit training is GPCI approved.

Scrum Basics for Nonprofits

Through Agile methodology, we will teach you how to implement the Scrum framework.

In this hands-on and interactive 2-hour virtual course, you will learn

  • Why nonprofits use the Scrum framework;
  • The Agile values and principles;
  • The five Scrum values and explain how they relate to one another;
  • The 3 roles in Scrum;
  • The 5 Scrum events;
  • The 3 Scrum artifacts;
  • Estimation; and
  • How other nonprofits have implemented Scrum in their organizations.

If you decide to continue the Agile journey with the Scrum Master credential course or Product Owner credential course for your organization we will apply the Scrum Basics course price as a discount on the credential course.

Are you interested in Scrum Basics not only for yourself, but for your entire organization or a specific team in your organization?

Our team is pleased to offer a private custom 3-hour version of Scrum Basics for Nonprofits that allows for us to customize the content and tailor our discussion to your organization’s understanding and successful implementation of the Scrum framework.