Agile Trainings

Part of our mission is to assist nonprofits in increasing their capacity to use Agile principles and frameworks to increase the efficiency of their organization in creating maximum impact in their communities. To achieve this, we offer in-person workshops and webinars to nonprofit organizations as public and private custom trainings.

“Just get started” – JJ Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum Inc.

These workshops are offered both in person and via webinar and are typically structured so they:

  • Are small group or classroom-size workshops designed to enhance the skills of the participants; and
  • Provide tactical learning to assist in the adoption of Agile principles and the Scrum framework; and
  • Provide participants with handouts and materials, including case studies, to help facilitate their organization’s Agile transformation.

One Hour Deep Dive Webinars

These sessions are offer as on-demand or private custom sessions

One Hour Lunch and Learns

These sessions are offer as live, on demand, or private sessions

2-Hour Basics Sessions

These sessions are offered as live 2-hour public sessions, 3-hour private custom sessions, or on-demand 90-minute sessions

Agile Basics for Nonprofits

Let us introduce you to Agile, specifically, the values and principles that serve as an umbrella for several specific frameworks and tools that your team may use.

Scrum Basics for Nonprofits

An affordable quick and easy way for you to learn a framework that can help you create twice the impact in half the time, break down silos, and open up teamwork and communication.

* Group pricing for public courses is available

Credential Courses

These sessions are offered as live 4 half-day sessions or private custom 12-hour sessions

Registered Scrum Master for Nonprofits

The Scrum Master is accountable for the team’s effectiveness. With the Scrum framework, the Scrum Master empowers the Scrum team, ultimately improving its practices. 

Registered Product Owner for Nonprofits

The Product Owner is accountable for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team. How this is done may vary widely across organizations.

This was everything I needed and more. So many webinars end up actually only being for one level of knowledge, and the presenter did a great job of catering to people within different types of organizations and with different types of teams. As someone who has worked with several nonprofits who have issues with silos and processes and procedure refinement, this proved to be an interesting new look for me at ways we could improve the way we work as a team.
Webinar Attendee
My nonprofit is small so I wear many of the hats of the roles discussed but this SCRUM approach to completing grants will help me better organize all that is needed and hopefully keep me from burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines. Thank you!
Webinar Attendee
Diane offered flexibility and Sympathy to our unique organization
Scrum Master Course
Simply amazing. I am hopeful I can implement SCRUM in my workplace.
Webinar Attendee
She was great. I view a lot of webinars that are only ok, and she is a fantastic presenter. Very intelligent, and got me excited about a whole new set of professional goals around scrum/agile. Love it.
Webinar Attendee
I loved the interjections of concepts and practices to show us a number of ways to bring these concepts back to our teams
Scrum Master Course

Using Sprints as Your Cadence for Continuous Improvement

In this session, we will explain how Sprints can be used by nonprofits to solve big problems, test out ideas, and achieve bold nonprofit goals. We will look at case studies from multiple nonprofit settings to show how the Sprint cadence has been used to achieve big audacious goals so that you can prepare to set your first Sprint in motion.

June 10th | 12:00pm ET | $49.99

Bonus material valued at $19.99 FREE