I Want to Learn About Scrum; Where Do I Start?

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The Agile in Nonprofits training journey in a nutshell:

Step 1: Free Webinar 

Step 2: Scrum Basics 

Step 3: Credential Course

Step 4: One-hour Deep Dive Webinars 

One of the many questions we receive at Agile in Nonprofits about Agile and the Scrum framework is “I want to learn about Scrum, but where do I start?” Depending on what your Scrum goal is there are a few different routes you can go. 


Step 1: Free Webinar


Our team always suggests starting with our free webinars. Get the feel and idea of what Scrum is and what an Agile mindset can do for your nonprofit so you can determine if it’s something you want to invest in (and believe us, we think you will want to!).


Our team offers multiple free webinars to get you started, our top two are: 


Step 2: Scrum Basics 


After taking the free webinar, if you decide this is for you and your organization, the next step is to join us for the Scrum Basics for Nonprofits* webinar we hold each month. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Scrum framework and help you understand the 3-5-3: 3 Scrum Roles, 5 Scrum Events, and 3 Scrum Artifacts. 


Check out the upcoming class schedule here: Scrum Basics for Nonprofits


*Fun fact: When you participate in the Scrum Basics for Nonprofits course and decide to join us for the Scrum Master or Product Owner we will credit your ticket price towards your registration for your first  credential course. 


Step 3: Credential Course


Great! Now you’ve participated in the Scrum Basics for Nonprofits course and you are all in, YEAH!, now to decide if you are a Scrum Master or Product Owner; after taking the Scrum Basics you will know which one will pertain to you. Remember, Scrum Master owns the HOW and Product Owner owns the WHAT (vision). OR join us for our duo credential course and have the opportunity to take both the Scrum Master and Product Owner exam at the end. 

Read Value of a Scrum Master in Nonprofits & Value of a Product Owner in Nonprofits on our blog.


Check out the upcoming course schedule for becoming a Scrum Master and/or Product Owner here: https://www.agileinnonprofits.com/trainings/


Step 4:One-hour Deep Dive Webinars


Alright, so you’re credentialed, high-five! The next steps in your journey are to dive-in deeper

into the events of Scrum so you can get the absolute most out of these for your organization. Our team offers one-hour webinars specific to each Scrum Event.


View the upcoming webinars here: https://www.agileinnonprofits.com/trainings/


Additional Support


Our team won’t leave you hanging during or after your training journey. If you are looking for additional support at no cost to you, we offer free monthly community office hours that you can utilize to ask questions and we host a free book club once a quarter.  


If you are looking for more on-demand help, we offer Agile Coach in Your Pocket.


More scheduled continued support; Our team loves helping via Agile coaching, Agile consulting, and team launching to help you in your Agile success.


We can’t wait to help you and your nonprofit create twice the impact in half the time. 


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