Agile Coach in your pocket

Agile Coach in Your Pocket

Agile Coach in Your Pocket is a convenient one time call with a member of our team to help your nonprofit with your Agile and/or Scrum Framework needs. 

The goal of Agile in Nonprofits is to help nonprofits create greater impacts, faster, so we want to help you. Schedule your call with our team; ask questions, get opinions, or we can walk you through one of the 5 events of the Scrum framework.  

No contracts needed. 

Choose between 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Whatever is needed for your organization to help its Agile journey. 

30 minutes – $125.00 | 45 minutes – $150.00 | 60 minutes – $175.00

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We can’t wait to help you on your Agile journey