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Our team is proud to offer bite-size Agile webinars and trainings for organizations to take advantage of. Ranging from 1/2 hour – hour these webinars will help you understand and become comfortable with the Scrum framework.

During this interactive summit we heard from nonprofit organizations who are successfully using Agile methodologies including the Scrum framework to help you learn from their experiences and successes.

Each of our six presenters gave a 10-minute presentation on their Agile journey

Agile Webinars

Free Recorded Webinars

In this FREE webinar for nonprofits, we will teach you what the Scrum framework is and why utilizing an Agile approach in your nonprofit organization will significantly improve your way of doing work. Whether your team is focused on fundraising events and grant writing, program design and implementation, or organizational management and strategic planning, the Scrum framework can help you achieve impact faster.

It happens to the best of teams and the most diligent of nonprofit professionals…

You have a plan for the week, or a plan for the day, and THEN…

  • An email comes from a grantmaker who wants a new summary document tomorrow to take to this week’s board meeting.
  • The phone rings, and it is a crisis call from a client needing emergency assistance with housing and basic need support.
  • A Slack message drops requesting you to completely redo the annual gala sponsor booklet TODAY so it can still go to the printer on time.

We all spend A LOT of time at work and with our colleagues. We often develop friendships with some of our colleagues that influence our personal happiness, but in this webinar, we will look at our happiness with our team as a whole and how that influences our team performance.

Team happiness is a leading indicator of team performance yet is often not a metric that is measured or tracked by nonprofit leaders or organizations. The good news is that regardless of your title or role in your team, YOU can help influence your team’s happiness and implement ideas to help improve the team’s happiness.

Deep Dive One-Hour Recorded Agile Webinars


Working in a nonprofit organization should not mean that you need to do heroic things to achieve your team’s goals nor your organization’s mission. It is NOT a badge of honor to submit a grant application in the late hours of the evening or to work all weekend on a project and then show up for work at your usual time on Monday morning. These (albeit appreciated efforts) can be avoided by focusing on your team’s recent past performance, upcoming team capacity, and the specifics of the upcoming work you plan to commit to.

Agile Webinars

This recorded webinar will help explain how design sprints can be used by nonprofits to solve big problems, test out ideas, and achieve bold nonprofit goals. You will learn about the events included in a design sprint and walk away with a launch plan for how to get started design sprinting today.


Large new initiatives, new special ev​​​​​​​ents, huge federal applications… These are the types of things that nonprofits are always faced with. Yet how are the team members in the nonprofit organizations or the leaders in the organization supposed to have the most accurate estimate of when the initiative will launch, or if the special event details will be done on time, or if the application will be submitted before the deadline? What often happens is heroic efforts by team members to make the deadline or be ready for the event and that is not a sustainable approach for the team or the nonprofit.

That is why in this recorded webinar we will explain the Agile estimation techniques affinity estimation and planning poker. We will cover the importance of story point estimation and why it is used in place of hour estimation. We will help you think about how to take your next big nonprofit initiative or project and have a more accurate estimate of when you will be ready to launch/submit/create impact.

Agile Webinars

Take advantage of this recorded webinar and learn new and exciting techniques to keep team members engaged! We will share different styles of retrospectives and demonstrate how these will bring new life into this event and re-invigorate Scrum teams to eliminate waste and continuously improve the way they work. As a bonus, we will share nonprofit specific case studies that use Retrospectives to inspect their process and approach to know when to pivot when they encounter obstacles.

Nonprofits are constantly trying to adapt to change, find new ways to open up communication, be happier about how we work together as a team, and reach their goal as quickly as they can all while wearing what seems like “all the hats.”

Agile in Nonprofits created Scrum Basics for nonprofits with YOU, a hard-working, focused, and mission driven nonprofit professional in mind.

In this 90-minute recorded webinar Diane walks you through the Scrum framework to show you the benefits of Agile, why nonprofits use the framework, the 3 roles, 5 events, and 3 artifacts, estimation and more. 

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Recorded Agile Webinars Offered in Collaboration

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