Why Nonprofit Leaders Might Add the Scrum Framework to Their Toolbox

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Many of you may know Marc Pitman as The Fundraising Coach, but that is only part of his work as The Concord Leadership Group. I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Marc about leadership in nonprofits including Agile, Scrum, and the Enneagram. There are lots of great nuggets here for nonprofit leaders regardless of whether you are using the Scrum framework or not!.


One of the things that I was curious about was what someone who has a great deal of formal education about leadership and has been part of other leadership and process certifications would think about how the Scrum framework might add to their toolbox. You can here more about why someone with such a diverse and accomplished background as Marc would want to go through the Scrum, Inc. Scrum Trainer course here:


Marc is a well-known keynote speaker in both the nonprofit and forprofit sectors and I’ve had the privilege to hear him speak numerous times. One of my *favorite* keynotes he delivered was actually about the Enneagram and how thinking about your leader’s Enneagram type might help you think about approaching them with a new idea or a problem. In fact, he was so creative in his keynote that he connected the audience to the concept by bringing in the popular sitcom, Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler. It turns out, there could be an important connection here to thinking about Scrum teams and the Enneagram types, or personality types of your Scrum team members as well. Here are some of Marc’s thoughts about how the Enneagram might play out with a Scrum team.


One of the conversations I enjoyed having with Marc during his participation in the Scrum Master course was about the way in which leaders in a nonprofit organization can create a psychologically safe environment for their Scrum team(s) to have meaningful and honest Retrospectives. You won’t want to miss Marc’s answer:



Do you want to hear the discussion in its entirety? You can see the full interview with Marc here:


What questions do you have about using the Scrum framework to help your nonprofit’s leadership team? We’d love to help! Share your comments and questions in the comments section and our team will be sure to answer and help you with implementing the Scrum framework in your team.