Agile In Real Life – Workout (Sprint) Goals

As you would imagine, I commit to a weekly workout backlog for myself and yes, it looks different each week…broken toe recovery, still snowing outside, gorgeous forecast, etc. 


This week, when I committed to the backlog, I forgot that it was going to be nearly 70 yesterday and to plan for an outdoor bike ride. My backlog said “cycling” for Sunday, and while I had a Peloton class picked out, I was able to self-organize around the work, handle the unexpected of prepping my road bike for the first ride of the season (pumping up tires, lubing the chain, testing the brakes) and enjoy a GLORIOUS ride on country roads yesterday afternoon. 


But that wasn’t directly related to my Sprint Goal. My Sprint Goal this Sprint was to set a new 30-minute PR in a Peloton cycling class. So my backlog was a mix of cycling and strength workouts (still not running – darn toe!) and I’ll admit – as I scheduled which ride I’d do in the Peloton app during Sprint planning, I stacked the deck by picking some of my favorite bands and instructors. This morning – day 2 of the Sprint. 30-minute AC/DC ride with Sam Yo (love his British accent) from the UK Peloton team. Crushed my past output PR by 5. Sprint Goal complete! 


So while I’m still committed to completing the rest of the workouts in my backlog (oh and am I excited about Bike Boot Camp later this week), I am now thinking about what will be my Sprint Goal the NEXT week and how I can do things this week to set myself up for more success.