Today I am Feeling….

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How do you check-in with your team?

With so many of our meetings now as virtual meetings whether via Zoom or other tool, we are seeing a wide range of check-in methods. This particular check-in approach from Live In Greatness was a simple yet effective approach that we thought your team may appreciate.

We like that it allows everyone to share their current state of emotions (Mad, Glad, Sad, or Afraid are the four you are encouraged to stick to) and then to confirm their presence and commitment to the meeting (or Scrum event) that is about to start.

If you give it a try as the way to start a meeting this week, we’d love to hear how it is received by your team, share your experience in the comments. If you have a different way of checking in with your team let us know!

(And yes, this whole post added extra Joy to the morning as we had fun borrowing some Disney Infinity characters from our Chief Product Owner’s daughters for a quick photoshoot!).




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