Book Club #3 Preview Questions

We are so excited for our free Book Club video chat on April 22nd when we are discussing The Scrum Field Book: Faster performance. Better results. Starting now. By J.J. Sutherland


We still have a few seats left for this free video chat (you can register here) and can download the book via Audible or order the book via Amazon here.


We wanted to share the discussion questions for the Book Club discussion with you in advance:

  1. “Scrum is the art of changing the possible.” Scrum is a framework. How do you see something as simple as a framework making the art of change possible?
  2. Chapter 2, JJ says that the beauty of Scrum is that it makes the cost of change cheap. What is an example of that in your own work?
  3. Chapter 3 can you think of situations in your own work there is a decision that takes more than five hours? What is the impact of that decision latency has? Especially knowing that your project only has an 18% chance of success as a result?
  4. How is your work modular so it can be put together and pulled apart? Plug and play?
  5. “Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”  How do you embrace this in your work? How *could* you integrate this into your work?

To work any other way would be like a fish questioning the specie’s deep commitment to water.

– JJ Sutherland


Looking forward to discussing the book with you on April 22nd!


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