The Benefits of the Retrospective

Have you ever thought about a Retrospective?

Our first speaker at our Agile in Nonprofits Summit was Dr Linet Mera, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director of the Unconscious Bias Project


Linet has a strong message about the impact Agile and specifically, the Scrum framework has had (and is having) on how a small, and rapidly growing grassroots organization operates. Linet learned about the Scrum framework first through the Scrum Basics for Nonprofits course and consequently, she and her team each joined us for the credential course best suited for their role in the organizations – for some that was the Scrum Master for Nonprofits course, for others the Product Owner course


She and the team took these learnings and transformed them, reducing the need for her team’s heroic actions by creating better structure, workflows, and decreasing the risk for burnout that felt sure to happen. With this, they found that it increased efficiency and impact without sacrificing their capacity. 


Linet’s big takeaways? The Retrospective gave the team a place to discuss their findings that context switching wasn’t the best approach and that they liked swarming (working together on a specific element of a project) once they tried it. They had proof that they were getting the most valuable things done while ultimately making the team happier. 


You can hear Linet’s experience directly about learning about Agile and Scrum in this 15-minute (free) video here: 

We can’t thank Linet enough for sharing her story and what we are sure resonated with other nonprofits as part of the larger Agile in Nonprofits Summit. Linet was one of our six fantastic speakers that day. You can view all of the free recorded videos and learn from the speakers who are nonprofit professionals IN the work every day, just like you are here.