Three Tips to Help Improve Your Team’s Happiness




  1. the state of being happy.


We all spend A LOT of time at work and with our colleagues. We often develop friendships with some of our colleagues that influence our personal happiness, but in this webinar, we will look at our happiness with our team as a whole and how that influences our team performance.


Team happiness is a leading indicator of team performance yet is often not a metric that is measured or tracked by nonprofit leaders or organizations. The good news is that regardless of your title or role in your team, YOU can help influence your team’s happiness and implement ideas to help improve the team’s happiness.


That’s why I’m so excited to have the chance to talk with fellow Registered Scrum Master, grant professional, and friend, Bethany Planton, GPC about how we help nonprofit teams focus on increasing their happiness with their team as a way to prevent burnout and reduce turnover.


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  1. Retrospectives


Implement the practice of regularly scheduled Retrospectives providing your team a safe space with *just* the team to reflect on what has gone well this past period (ideally a consistent period between Retrospectives of one to four weeks), what has not gone so well this past period, and what are ideas for how to improve HOW we work together.


  1. Kaizen


Encourage your team to agree on ONE hypothesis they believe will make them better/happier in the upcoming period. It isn’t a long-term commitment they are making to a forever type of change. It is instead the commitment to try something as a team. It could be changing the type of coffee brewed in the office kitchen. It could be changing the time for the Daily Scrum. What is important is that the team themselves come up with the idea and prioritize testing that idea in the upcoming period.


  1. Happiness Budget


It may sound silly, but providing a team with a small Happiness Budget can go a long way to encourage a team to celebrate their successes together. Teams that celebrate their wins together are often happier. It does not need to be a large budget. Something small that allows for the occasional treat for the team, whether fully remote or all co-located.


What other recommendations do you have to help focus on improving team happiness? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments below, or reach out directly.


View the free recorded webinar: The Importance of Team Happiness in a Nonprofit


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