Pivoting to Scrum During a Pandemic

Shelley Loethen is the founder of Encore Institute for Social Impact and implemented Scrum in the organization 2020. That’s right – at the height of pivoting to remote work and the unknown. While Shelley believes while this wasn’t the most ideal time it was incredibly impactful in her team and the workflow. 


As they ironed out the flow, the structure, and the internal team training they completed a backlog and sprint board along with calling out what their definition of ready (DoR) and definition of done (DoD) was for their work. 


Shelley and her team also found tools that fit into the work they do and also found ways to make work more automated and efficient. 


Her biggest takeaways from implementing Scrum? Her team is doing 75% more work, communicating better than ever creating a more T-shaped team, and they only see their team doing more. 


Shelley and her team are the perfect example of taking the Scrum framework, looking at the range of tools available to support your own goals, and making the tool(s) work for you and your organization, and not the other way around. 


You can hear Shelley’s experience directly about learning about and implementing Agile values  and the Scrum framework in this 15-minute (free) video here: 

We can’t thank Shelley enough for sharing her story and what we are sure resonated with other nonprofits as part of the larger Agile in Nonprofits Summit. Shelley was one of our six fantastic speakers that day. You can view all of the free recorded videos and learn from the speakers who are nonprofit professionals IN the work every day, just like you are here.