Navigating the Volatile, Unexpected, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA)

What do you do when you have a “perfect” plan laid out for your day and then….

  • A customer/client/patient needs something urgent?
  • A child or family member gets sick and needs your support?
  • The internet is out for half the day in the office?
  • The key information you need from a collaborative partner is delayed?
  • And on…
  • And on…

Your reactions to those situations are harnessing your Agile values and flexing those muscles for reacting to the volatile, unexpected, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) that is always around us. We talk about reframing VUCA in a positive way in our Agile in Nonprofits trainings, as the reality is that VUCA isn’t something to be tamed or able to be eliminated. Rather, it is something to train and plan for so that you can continue moving toward your personal and professional goal(s). Feeling comfortable reacting to (and yes, pivoting) in your professional space when VUCA takes hold will help you the next time your perfect plan is threatened in your personal space. And vice versa.

So the next time something happens that throws you off your plan, whether personal or professional, to take a moment to celebrate how you relied on your Agile values to navigate the VUCA. We’re here cheering you on and ready to celebrate that accomplishment!


Take advantage of our recorded webinar: Handling Interruptions in Your Nonprofit.