Nonprofit Canvas

In Creating a Vision for Your Nonprofit, we talked to you about creating a vision for your nonprofit that draws people into what product or service your nonprofit organization provides.  We used the example of a fictitious nonprofit by the name of STEM Zone.


In this post, we will work through the creation of a canvas that guides the development of a product or service for the STEM Zone.


The nonprofit canvas provides its readers with a perspective of the product or service you are creating, the market or need for that service, and the unique value proposition that aligns the need with your organization.  It brings together the developers and stakeholder so that progress can begin and feedback can be given.


So what does the nonprofit canvas look like:

Steps to filling in the nonprofit canvas – Fill in the canvas blocks by answering the questions below.  The order is a suggested starting order. Feel free to iterate on this in any order as you work through the canvas.

  1. What are your client segments? Who would be the early adopters of your service or product?  Put these answers in the Client Segments block.
  2. What problems do these clients have that you want to address? What alternatives do they have to solve these problems? Put these answers in the Problem Block
  3. What is the unique impact that you provide for them?  What makes you different? Why will clients pay attention to you? Put this answer in the Unique Impact Proposition
  4. What is your solution and its key features that solve the client’s problems?
  5. What is your path to these clients?
  6. How will you generate income to pay for your expenses?
  7. What will be the cost of client acquisition, running your service, or creating and maintaining your product?
  8. How will you measure success?
  9. What is your unfair advantage that makes you unique in the community?

After filling out these questions and iterating through them a few times, we came up with the following nonprofit canvas:


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