How Do We Organize Sprints in Conjunction to Grant Writing?

How Do We Organize Sprints in Conjunction to Grant Writing?

SprintsOne of the questions that we are frequently asked is how long are our Sprints. The DH Leonard Consulting team comprises both the Marketing & Training Team that runs Agile in Nonprofits and the Writing Team that manages the grant writing support for nonprofits around the United States. Both teams run 1 week Sprints. 


So back to the answer of the initial question. Our grant writing team follows 1-week Sprints. The drafts are broken down into small enough components that something of value is created each and every Sprint. By something of value, we mean something that will apply to the final version or product of the application.


For example, in the first Sprint we build a 1st version of an application that is a rough draft with questions or requests outlined in the margin for input. This helps us feel grounded and have a direction.  In a future Sprint a 2nd version is a more complete narrative that has also gone through grammar edit. In yet an additional future Sprint a 3rd version is now a complete narrative with edits and feedback that incorporate what is ready for submission. Of course, this is only one idea of the product increment that grows each Sprint, but still has value in each Sprint.


This is not the only way to organize Sprints for grant writing, but it’s the way that currently works for our team. If you have different ideas on how your Sprints are organized for writing projects, we would love to hear them in the comments below.


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