EduScrum: Improving Engagement in the Classroom

As our keynote speaker for the Agile in Nonprofits Summit, Hana Siddiquee, a trainer from Agile in Education USA & Bohnishikha explains her experience using Scrum in the classroom to help students participate and be motivated in their studies.

Once Hana introduced this process she saw a 32% increase in student engagement.

She started with a simple daily Scrum in the classroom, making sure the students stood up which helps with creativity and engagement. 


Because of the framework being introduced to her students in eduScrum when the pandemic hit and work was transitioned to online learning, they were able to pivot and continue being successful in their collaboration and studies. 


You can view Hana’s full session here: 


We can’t thank Hana enough for sharing her story and what we are sure resonated with other nonprofits as part of the larger Agile in Nonprofits Summit. Hana was one of our six fantastic speakers that day. You can view all of the free recorded videos and learn from the speakers who are nonprofit professionals IN the work every day, just like you are here