And Then Life Happens

Have you ever had *the best* laid plans for your work? Or maybe for your whole team?


And. Then. Life. Happens.


The state releases numerous unexpected RFPs for grant funding all due around year-end holidays.


The keynote speaker gets sick and is unable to fly to your event tomorrow.


A water main breaks in your neighborhood, and so all businesses, schools, and homes are without water for two days.


All three are true stories in just the last year alone for our team and clients we work with. I imagine you have stories like this of your own.


When these moments happen, this is where a team’s understanding and approach to the fourth Agile value from the Agile Manifesto, “Responding to Change OVER Following a Plan,” can help a team thrive despite the changes.


Unexpected RFPs? What can we delay of our team’s commitments so that we can complete these applications without working over the holidays?


Sick out of town keynote speaker? Who in our own local community has a great message to share with our audience.


Water main break? Are there any locations in nearby communities where we could hold our programs instead for a few days? Or could we return to the COVID-19 pandemic virtual version of our programming for a few days?


All three are reactions to an unexpected change that could still result in great impact for your organization.


What is an example of a “life happened” type of situation for your team in 2023 that you are proud of how you as a team/organization “responded to change OVER following a plan?”


Comment below and #humblebrag away, I’d love to celebrate your success in demonstrating this Agile value!