Agile Trainings

Part of our mission is to assist nonprofits in increasing their capacity to use agile principles and the Scrum framework to increase the efficiency of their organization in creating maximum impact in their communities. To achieve this, we offer in-person workshops and webinars to nonprofit organizations.

These workshops are offered both in person and via webinar and are typically structured so they:

  • Are small group or classroom-size workshops designed to enhance the skills of the participants; and
  • Provide tactical learning to assist in the adoption of Agile principles and the Scrum framework; and
  • Provide participants with handouts and materials, including case studies, to help facilitate their organization’s Agile transformation.

Browse photos from our live trainings here.

Book Club

Join us for a LIVE one hour Zoom conversation on select Scrum books. We’re here to help you learn more about the Scrum framework in your nonprofit. 

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.

By Jeff Sutherland

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This was everything I needed and more. So many webinars end up actually only being for one level of knowledge, and the presenter did a great job of catering to people within different types of organizations and with different types of teams. As someone who has worked with several nonprofits who have issues with silos and processes and procedure refinement, this proved to be an interesting new look for me at ways we could improve the way we work as a team.

Webinar Attendee

My nonprofit is small so I wear many of the hats of the roles discussed but this SCRUM approach to completing grants will help me better organize all that is needed and hopefully keep me from burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines. Thank you!

Webinar Attendee

Diane offered flexibility and Sympathy to our unique organization

Licensed Scrum Master Course

Simply amazing. I am hopeful I can implement SCRUM in my workplace.

Webinar Attendee

She was great. I view a lot of webinars that are only ok, and she is a fantastic presenter. Very intelligent, and got me excited about a whole new set of professional goals around scrum/agile. Love it.

Webinar Attendee

I loved the interjections of concepts and practices to show us a number of ways to bring these concepts back to our teams

Licensed Scrum Master Course