Licensed Scrum Master Course

The world is fast-paced and ever-changing, let us help you stay on track.

Scrum is an adaptive, repeatable process that equips individuals and organizations in how to thrive in a world where change is the only constant. This Licensed Scrum Master for Nonprofits training was developed by the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland. From Fortune 100 companies to small startups to churches and nonprofits, Scrum Inc. has a proven track record of helping organizations get ahead and stay ahead.

This course is Licensed by Scrum Inc.

About the Licensed Scrum Master (LSM) for Nonprofits Course 

In this course, we’ll share Jeff’s insights and strategies from decades of success training people to become high-performing Scrum Masters and Scrum teams in businesses around the globe. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and review of real-world case studies of nonprofit organizations, you will experience first-hand the impact of the Scrum framework and the importance of the Scrum Master role. 

With the help of your instructor, you will walk away with the ability to know how to implement the Scrum framework in your nonprofit organization and how such an implementation will accelerate the speed and value of any project for increasing the speed at which you achieve your organization’s mission.

Who you are as a nonprofit organization, who you serve, what you offer stays the same. The way in which you approach planning your work, engaging with your stakeholders, and developing and iterating your programs and services is what will change as a result of adopting the Scrum framework in your organization.

Utilizing the Scrum framework in your nonprofit organization will significantly improve your way of doing work whether your team is focused on fundraising events and grant writing, program design and implementation, or organizational management and strategic planning.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain that Scrum is a lightweight framework that can be applied in any industry and domain; yet, while Scrum is adaptable to different contexts, the core framework remains the same across implementations.
  • Recognize that having different interpretations of Scrum across teams will present significant challenges when scaling a Scrum implementation.
  • Explain the value of agility over traditional project management in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.
  • List the five Scrum values and explain how they relate to one another.
  • Relate hands-on experience with iterative development to their own working context.
  • Express the value of sharing learnings and insights across teams.
  • Successfully run the 5 Scrum events.
  • Implement the Scrum patterns that will work best with your nonprofit.
  • Access and complete the Licensed Scrum Master exam.
  • Download their Licensed Scrum Master Credential (upon successful completion of the exam).
  • State the renewal process.

This training is for all levels of Scrum experience. There are no prerequisites.

This course is Licensed by Scrum Inc. 

Benefits of Scrum Master Certification:

  • Highly regarded, industry-recognized credential
  • Sets you apart as a leader with proven expertise
  • Most popular Agile framework in use
  • Stay relevant in today’s job market
  • Spearhead increased productivity and deliverables
  • Improve team management and collaboration
  • Cultivate a healthier work environment

The Licensed Scrum Master (LSM) curriculum was developed by the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland. This course goes beyond the basics of Scrum and the Scrum Master role.

About the Licensed Scrum Master Exam (LSM) & Credential

Students who complete a LSM training comprised of at least 14 hours of live instruction time covering all Learning Objectives with a Licensed Scrum Trainer (LST) are eligible to take the LSM exam. Students who pass the exam will earn their LSM credential.

The Licensed Scrum Master credential formally recognizes your knowledge of lean principles, Scrum Master techniques, patterns of high-performing teams, and how the Scrum Master role scales in an organization.

The Licensed Scrum Master credential is the only Scrum Master credential endorsed by Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and inventor of Scrum@Scale. The LSM will make you stand out to employers, stakeholders, and peers.

This training is for all levels of Scrum experience.

The Licensed Scrum Master (LSM) credential is a distinguished designation highlighting individuals who can systematically implement Scrum in a way that drives immediate business results while simultaneously accelerating personal and team performance.

This course is licensed by Scrum Inc.

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Scrum has been a game-changer for Encore. This is an amazing opportunity to discover the difference it can make for your organization. Thanks to DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC for introducing us to the concept and encouraging our implementation efforts!
Shelly Loethen
President & CEO | Encore Institute